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Bill Morgan, CFT

Founder of The T-Zone

The T-Zone

The T- stands for Transformation!

The T-Zone is both a “state of mind” (a focused readiness for change)  and  “an actual place”…in this case a website that serves as a “trusted” resource for the Information, Products and Personalized Coaching Programs that help people improve the way they Look. Feel and Live!

Our mission is transforming lives. Our purpose is sustaining healthy futures. We work from the inside out, empowering lives through knowledge. We coach health, fitness, and well-being—changing the way you look, feel, and live!

As a Certified Fitness Trainer and nationally recognized Wellness Coach with over 30 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry I have helped hundreds of people reach their personal goals and I  would love to help you!

As my way of saying thank you for visiting our site and to introduce you to our new inside-out Total Transformation approach I would like you to have an advanced look at our new upcoming eBook Total Transformation: Time For Change which will go on sale next year!

This book contains all the information a person would need to live lean and healthy for life if they just followed the eating, exercise and wellness plans contained in the book. These are the same plans that the people below followed to achieve their Amazing Transformations! So I invite you to grab your FREE Guidebook below by entering your name and email and we will send it to you immediately.

It’s Time For A “Whole” New Approach… It’s Time For Change!

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Our Amazing Transformations

Lori P.

Lori lost 21 pounds and 10.1% body fat during her initial 90 day transformation program! 30 days later she had lost another 5 pounds,1.1% body fat, and has her looking 10 years younger!

Stan S.

Stan lost over 35 pounds and 13% body fat during his initial 90 day transformation program! Moreover, he was able to stop taking high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication!

Kenny E.

Kenny lost over 35 pounds and a whopping 17% body fat during his initial 90 day transformation program! He was able to stop taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

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Our free T-Zone Community shares the latest health news and information and gives valuable tips, videos, and more on your transformation journey!

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